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Early Warning Signs of Mobility Impairment

"Mobility impairment may not immediately be obvious. These 10 signs may indicate that intervention is needed for fall prevention and to safely age in place."

If you or a loved one are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to consider adding safety devices to your home and everyday routines.

1. Trouble standing from a chair or toilet
2. Difficulty showering and maintaining personal hygiene
3. Can no longer maintain home environment (laundry, meals, cleaning, trash)
4. Home is cluttered and walkways are not clear
5. Inaccessible areas of the home and/or areas that are avoided due to mobility issues (entry/exits, upstairs, basement)
6. Can no longer maintain outside the home (yard, sidewalks, patios)
7. Has fallen at least once in the past year
8. Unstable gait, posture or balance when ambulating
9. Forgetfulness and memory impairment
10. Difficulty managing medication

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